Monday 2 January 2017

Treba's Adventures

Happy new year everyone!

All right, let's get back into this: as you might remember from my last post, I've been playing around with this new Norn of mine, Treba. You can read about her here. So far there hasn't been too big a difference between her and other Norns I've raised, but so far she's only been alive for half an hour and most of that time was spent in the company of other Norns, so it's too soon to really say whether or not the changes I've made will have had a big impact on her behaviour itself. So, it's time for the next instalment in Treba's life.

She's spending  lot of time hanging about with the other Norns, and playing with her ball:

And as you should be able to see, she's grown a little since last time.

I've noticed, though, that while she'd spending all this time around Norns, she still seems to be quite good at eating even though there's the other Norns there to distract her. In just a few minutes I've seen her walk off from the other twice just to go get and eat a piece of cheese before returning to hang out with them again. Though she still hasn't been alive for that long, so I will hold off making any definite conclusions until she's a bit older. But she seems to be eating on her own without extra urging from me... and if you've ever played C1 then you know that's actually a pretty big deal.

While we wait to see if this eating frenzy will continue into her adulthood, it's worth nothing that Tessa has been having a great time with Treba and Monty! She's managed to get out to the lift, even. It makes me happy to see her getting out a little more instead of just being stuck next to the incubator.

...OK this is kind of getting ridiculous. Treba keeps eating all the cheese that I lay down for Tessa to eat. I'm kind of starting to wonder if this is down the changes I made to her brain or if it's down to the way I've been raising her so far, or maybe it's a combination of both. Perhaps I should try a Wolfling run of Norns with changes to the brain like this just to see how much it affects things by itself compared to with interaction from the hand...

Anyway, back to the present. It seems that Treba...

Has grown up even more! Time sure flies. It flies enough that I looked over to the Observation Kit only to see that Cornelius had passed away. It feels like he was still so young; and to be honest he kind of was, at only eight and a half hours old. I'll miss this little baby.

He died in the cart. I'm sad that he died but the cruel part of me kind of wants to laugh at his place of death which only makes the sensible part of me sad at myself.

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