Thursday 9 June 2016

Perception Lobe: Neuron List

You might remember that the last post I did that was actually about Creatures was on brains. You might also remember that I couldn't find anywhere that had a full list of what neurons in the perception lobe corresponded to which perceivable thing, so I put together my own list based on Chris's information on CDR. I also never got around to posting that list because I wanted to test it more.

Now, I was about to carry out some massive experiment to confirm what my list says, but as soon as I opened up BrainViewer I realised there was a pretty obvious way to check my list:

Wednesday 1 June 2016


I was meaning to get around to doing this sooner, but I never found the time. Amusingly that is exactly what I needed to get around to doing: posting about the fact that I haven't been posting much because I haven't had the time to. In real life I'm a highschool student and I have a part time job and I do a lot of extracurricular stuff so naturally I don't have an awful lot of time left to play Creatures. I really do wish I had more time to post stuff but my real life responsibilities are many and getting everything done in real life is stressful enough without trying to keep a regular blog as well.

However! I do intend to finish off a couple of things from my last post which I never followed up (hopefully in the next week or two but I can't promise anything I'm afraid), and I'm starting to think about what cool amazing thing I could do for Creatures' 20th anniversary, which although technically isn't until November (I think?), November also happens to be exam season in my country (fun times...) and the 20th anniversary is awesome enough that I want to be able to get something done for it without stressing about my exams at the same time. Haven't decided what I'll do yet but I'll think of something cool...

The other thing is that sometime within the next couple of months I will probably be getting a laptop of my own rather than having to use the family computer. Not having to share the computer should make it easier for me to post a little more frequently.