Wednesday 27 January 2016

Creatures Online

I don't know if there's any of you who don't know this already, but I thought I should share the link to a statement Fishing Cactus made a few days ago about the development status of Creatures Online:

I think it's really sad to see this happen, especially as, from the sounds of it, they were really close to having something they could release. What's more, I don't feel that Bigben Interactive has been fair to Fishing Cactus in the way they have handled the game, and nor do I feel that Bigben has been fair to the Creatures community—their communication with us has been exceptionally poor.

But still, what's done is done, and even with the Fishing Cactus's statement there's a lot we don't know about why the decision to halt development on Creatures Online was made.

It would be a right old shame for three years of hard work from Fishing Cactus to end up totally wasted, though.

Friday 8 January 2016


Today I sat down to creatures and the tedious but necessary task of getting the Norns to eat. Even so, as much as the task is tedious and sometimes frustrating, it is always kind of relaxing too. 'It would be good to play a nice, relaxing game of Creatures,' I said to myself as I booted up the game. 'Jolly good.'

Naturally I wasn't too ready when this happened almost as soon as I started:

He wasn't even really old. It always hits me right in the heart when this happens, especially when you're not expecting it. I'm gonna miss this kid.