Friday 2 December 2016

Blog Carnival Day 5

Today's topic:

"Do you create content for Creatures? If so, what sorts? What do you use to make things, and what would you like to make in the future? If not, what would you like to make if you could?"

This is going to be a very short post. I don't really create content for the Creature; I don't make COBs or breeds or anything like that. The closest thing would be my weird genetic experiments and this blog.

My genetic experiments haven't really discovered/proved anything really cool yet, though they might be entertaining to read about, so I don't really know if those count.

I guess blogging is a form of creating content, though it's more content for the Creatures community rather than for Creatures itself. My process for blogging isn't really structured; I kind of just do whatever I feel in the game like then vomit my thoughts about it and descriptions of what happened onto a text document and BAM! Blog post done.

That lat question does apply to me though: what content would I like to make? Oooo. I think, if I could, I would honestly like to try and make everything, but that's a nonspecific and really rather boring answer, so I'll narrow it down to the one thing I'd like to do most. Unsurprisingly enough, I would really like to be able to make weird/interesting genetic breeds that actually do what I intended them to and don't have a million other faults. Maybe one day I'll achieve this. One day...

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