Wednesday 30 November 2016

Blog Carnival Day 3

[Note: originally posted with the wrong colour font by accident, making it basically unreadable. Apologies for that!]

Here's the topic for the third day of the CCSF blog Carnival:

"How has the way you play Creatures changed since you started? What has stayed the same? Do you play a different game more, have you picked up a different play style, have you thrown out one species and embraced another?"

This one really got me thinking, and after pondering it for awhile I don't think the way I play Creatures has ultimately changed that much. I mean, I guess when I first started to play Creatures I wasn't interested in the genetics side of things; I just played to look after the Norns. However, it really wasn't very long after I started that I downloaded the genetics kit and started to play around with it.

I think I also used to be a lot more reluctant to slap my Norns than I am nowadays. In the past I literally never ever slapped my Norns because it made me feel like a horrible person. Though I still don't like to use slaps if it can be avoided, I'm not so averse to it as I was a year or two ago.

Another thing is my attitude to Grendels. While I still don't name and feed them like I do my Norns, I used to think (and this is a belief that harks from ever since I originally saw Creatures round about a decade or even slightly longer ago) that Grendels were infected with horrible contagious diseases that would kill Norns if they even went close to a Grendel. This, back when I was still real young, made me absolutely terrified whenever I saw the Grendel getting closer to Norns, to the point where I made my older sister inject the cage object and lock the Grendel up in it so it wouldn't hurt the Norns. Gosh, I was a silly child. Anyway, nowadays I couldn't care less if the Grendel interacts with my Norns; I know now that the Grendels can't do more than slap a Norn, and Norns do that to each other often enough anyway.

I honestly can't think of anything else significant to mention in regards to how my play style has changed. I wasn't lying when I said it hasn't changed much.

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