Saturday 29 October 2016

New Life and Death in Albia

Today was an interesting day in Albia.

To begin with, all I had to worry about was getting my Norns to eat - a hard enough task, but nothing particularly gruelling. Though it was noteworthy that Dubby still hadn't woken up; if you can remember as far back as January you might recall that last time I played I was a little concerned that Dubby had been sleeping for ages. He still  hand't woken up and his life force was dropping rapidly; I don't know why he was sleeping for so long, and I don't think I ever will, but at this point I worried enough by his prolonged sleep that I gave in and decided to inject him with some wake-up pill.

He woke fairly quickly, and he's quite a good eater so it wasn't long before I was able to get him back up to full health. However, elsewhere in Albia...

Coco had fallen pregnant to Cosmos! This wasn't really anything to be concerned about as Coco wasn't sick or anything, but I wasn't expecting it. But while I was distracted by Coco and her pregnancy, something terrible happened.


So soon after I'd helped him back to health, and he was already gone. I'll miss Dubby; he was such a unique Norn. I doubt I'll ever have another Norn even remotely like this little darling.

But I couldn't spend long moping about Dubby's death; I had a pregnant Norn to keep an eye on, after all. And when I got back to seeing has Coco was doing, I found that Cosmos was no longer there, and soon after this happened:

Sally was pregnant too! This was getting ridiculous...

And who should be responsible for this but Cosmos... looking at him, running away from Sally afterwards with this giant smile on his face, the smug little fool.

It makes you wonder what he's thinking...

Regardless, I was now resigned to looking after two pregnant Norns, and making sure their eggs didn't accidentally hatch and bring upon me Norn babies that I don't currently need. Still, two isn't really that many, and as long as I kept an eye on them it wouldn't work out too badly.

But then...

COSMOS! He got Unova pregnant as well!

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