Thursday 9 June 2016

Perception Lobe: Neuron List

You might remember that the last post I did that was actually about Creatures was on brains. You might also remember that I couldn't find anywhere that had a full list of what neurons in the perception lobe corresponded to which perceivable thing, so I put together my own list based on Chris's information on CDR. I also never got around to posting that list because I wanted to test it more.

Now, I was about to carry out some massive experiment to confirm what my list says, but as soon as I opened up BrainViewer I realised there was a pretty obvious way to check my list:

Whelp, there we go. Job done. I feel really stupid for not noticing this before. Anyway, the list I made checked out perfectly. And even though there is already the information about which neuron in the perception lobe correspond to what, it's still useful to have a separate list that can be used to analyse cells in the concept lobe to figure out what the concept it represents is at a glance without needing to switch back and forth between lobes in BrainViewer.

So, you can download the list in spreadsheet form here, or you can read it from the list below.

"Perception lobe cell" refers to the cell number in the perception lobe. "Original lobe" refers to the lobe that that cell draws from, and "cell" refers to what thing in Albia the cell relates to. If something is marked with "N/A" it means that that cell has no real function because it does not relate to anything, or that it is a spare, unused neuron.

perception lobe cell original lobe cell
0 drive pain
1 drive need for pleasure
2 drive hunger
3 drive coldness
4 drive hotness
5 drive tiredness
6 drive sleepiness
7 drive loneliness
8 drive overcrowdedness
9 drive fear
10 drive boredom
11 drive anger
12 drive sex drive
13 drive N/A
14 drive N/A
15 drive N/A
16 verb quiescent
17 verb push
18 verb pull
19 verb stop
20 verb come
21 verb run
22 verb get
23 verb drop
24 verb think(say need)
25 verb sleep
26 verb go left
27 verb go right
28 verb N/A
29 verb N/A
30 verb N/A
31 verb N/A
32 general sensory I've been patted
33 general sensory I've been slpped
34 general sensory I'e bumped into a wall
35 general sensory I am near a wall
36 general sensory I am in a vechicle
37 general sensory user has spoken
38 general sensory Creatures has spoken
39 general sensory own kind has spoken
40 general sensory audible event
41 general sensory visible event
42 general sensory it is approaching
43 general sensory it is retreating
44 general sensory it is near me
45 general sensory it is active
46 general sensory it is an object
47 general sensory it is a creature
48 general sensory It is my sibling
49 general sensory it is my parent
50 general sensory it is my child
51 general sensory it is opposite sex
52 general sensory N/A
53 general sensory N/A
54 general sensory N/A
55 general sensory N/A
56 general sensory N/A
57 general sensory N/A
58 general sensory N/A
59 general sensory N/A
60 general sensory N/A
61 general sensory N/A
62 general sensory N/A
63 general sensory N/A
64 attention current norn
65 attention hand
66 attention call button
67 attention water
68 attention plant
69 attention egg
70 attention food
71 attention drink
72 attention vendor
73 attention music
74 attention animal
75 attention fire
76 attention shower
77 attention toy
78 attention bigtoy
79 attention weed
80 attention incubator
81 attention word 33
82 attention word 34
83 attention word 35
84 attention word 36
85 attention word 37
86 attention word 38
87 attention word 39
88 attention word 40
89 attention word 41
90 attention Mover
91 attention lift
92 attention computer
93 attention fun
94 attention bang
95 attention word 47
96 attention word 48
97 attention word 49
98 attention word 50
99 attention word 51
100 attention Norn
101 attention Grendel
102 attention Ettin
103 attention Shee
104 N/A N/A
105 N/A N/A
106 N/A N/A
107 N/A N/A
108 N/A N/A
109 N/A N/A
110 N/A N/A
111 N/A N/A

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