Sunday 8 November 2015

Carrot Love

At first, this might seem like Monty is just feeling a tad peckish. Don't be fooled. I'll admit that he was hungry at the time, but he wasn't actually eating this parsnip. Just staring at it lovingly...

Alas, it was not to be. He gave into the hunger pangs. Well, it was fun while it lasted, I guess, and it seems to have sparked a craze with all things carrot-like in Albia. Not only did Monty find a cave carrot to obsess over afterwards, he even went so far as to share his newfound love of carrots with Quella, who was happy to join in with him.

And Monty and Quella weren't the only ones to get caught up in this new trend. Over at the island, Erin couldn't keep her eyes off a parsnip. And the lift. And the parsnip. And the lift. She couldn't decide which was worth focusing on so she spent a good minute or two just swapping between them. I suppose it simply fascinated her.

Trends are always short-lived, though, and it wasn't long before Monty was off to try the local cuisine—cuisine, of course, being the local herbs and weeds. He only got as far as giving the baobab and the gentian a taste-test before he decided he didn't like being a herb connoisseur and went off to see what all the other Norns were up to.

Meanwhile, Quella was off on an adventure of her own. Most of the other Norns were still near the island, but Quella's a bit of a free spirit. She wasn't just going to sit there and do nothing but push Norn and eat; she was going off to explore Albia, even if she had to do it all on her own. She took the raft through the tunnel under the garden and bravely went into the unknown.

Then the sly little bugger got into my hootch stash. I'm starting to think the only reason she went on this grand adventure was because she wanted to try it, though she only took a couple of sips before heading up to the music room and leaving all the hootch behind. After this she went up to the cable car and used it to return to civilisation, no doubt to find all the other Norns and tell them about the hootch.

But of course, while the others Norns were off having fun at the island or eating herbs, there was one little Norn who couldn't join them—a Norn who was stuck near the incubator. I had thought Tessa would be jealous of the other Norns all hanging out and her being alone for awhile, but she wasn't jealous at all. She had her own friend:


  1. Have you checked your carrot COBs to see if they have the pet norn bug/starch glitch? There's more information on this in the link behind my name, but essentially it makes it a bit random if they get fed or not - which is lousy for learning and for keeping their health in the green. It is really easy to fix, though!

    1. I think I remember reading somewhere about some kind of problem with the carrot COBs and I think I checked to see if the version of the COBs I have had it, but it's been awhile since I looked at it so I don't remember if they had it or not. I will check again though, thanks :)

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