Friday 12 June 2015



When I booted up the game today I found Dubby like this. He's not harmed in any way; he can still interact and pick things up and do all the usual Norny things, he just looks a little... memorable.

Seriously, I don't know how this happened. The best guess I have is that an image or something got corrupted after I exported and then imported him again to get an .exp file to eventually upload to this blog. Whatever the case, he seems to be enjoying life as much as ever. Let's hope it doesn't somehow break the rest of the world.

Later while I was doing the rounds with cheese, Finch decided it would be nice to try some deathcap. Fortunately he's better at actually eating the cheese than a lot of my other Norns and his life force never dipped too low.

I figured this along with Dubby's makeover would have been all the drama for one day, but alas that was not true. Unova, who was already down to 51% life force because she refused to eat, fell ill at the island. And how many of the eight Norns living in this world were on the island with her? Five. Only Michelle and Hat were absent.

One Norn sick with her life force already low is bad enough, but five other Norns nearby gives it the potential to be disastrous. But luck was on my side this time - the sickness only had Antigen 7 and two unknown toxins. With no histamines present, the disease would not be contagious and the rest of my Norns were safe.

But that didn't mean that Unova was safe, especially because she thought it might be nice to have a little nap instead of eat. Her life force was dropping rapidly and there wasn't time to lie around! Normally I don't use the injections from the science kit because I don't find them useful, but in this case the Wake-up Pill was the very thing which could help save her.

She managed to conquer the antigen without eating anything, but she was left with a measly 25% life force. She still refused to eat afterwards and 25% soon became 20%, and then 14%. By this point I'd been trying to feed her for at least ten minutes without any success. But right when I was starting to give up, she ate! It was only one piece of cheese, but it was enough to keep her alive for now.

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